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Not to miss, when in Nong Khai

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Picture by candice and jarrett
Sculpture in Wat Khaek

Sala Kaeo Ku or Wat Khaek (ศาลาแก้วกู่ หรือ วัดแขก): 3 kilometers east of the town of Nong Khai on the right side of route 212 to Phon Phisai. The Nong Khai Buddhist Association takes care of this extraordinary park with all kinds of sculptures, some tower up more than 20 meters. They have been created by Luangpu Bunluea Surirat around 1978. He - native from Laos - left his country, where a similar park, Xieng Khuan Park (built 1958), can be found near Vientiane, after the revolution of 1975. He believed, the teachings of all regions from Buddhism to Hinduism and Confuzianism and Christianism could be mixed together. So you discover Buddha images in different attitudes, Hindu gods, Christian religious icons, figures from the Ramayana epic and from folk legends. The Sala Keoku pavilion is a large three-story concrete building, whose domes look like a mosque. In this park you find also the Wheel of Life, a circular group of sculptures. Open: Daily from 7 am till 5 pm. Admission fee: 10 Baht. Read more by John P Seely or study sala-saeoku.blogspot.com (in Thai).

Picture by candice and jarrett

Picture by candice and jarrett

Picture by quite peculiar

Picture Sven & Moniek

See also "In Memoriam Luang Pu", a collection of pictures.

Wat Pho Chai (วัดโพธิ์ชัย): Pho Chai Road. A royal temple with Luangpho Phra Sai, a sacred Buddha image. The Buddha is sitting cross-legged, in the pose of subduing Mara. Old people will tell you the legend, that three daughters of the King of Lan Chang had three Buddha images cast and named after their names: Phra Soem, Phra Suk and Phra Sai. Originally the three images were housed in Vientiane. In the reign of King Rama III they were sent to Nong Khai by boat. Phra Suk drowned during a storm. Phra Soem and Phra Sai arrived in Nong Khai. Later Phra Soem was taken to Bangkok. On the full moon day of the seventh lunar month, the people of Nong Khai hold a merit-making fair (Bun Bang Fai) to worship Phra Sai.

Picture byronancrowley

Picture by onbangladesh

Picture byonbangladesh
Mural paintings inside Wat Pho Chai

Picture by onbangladesh">onbangladesh

Wat Lam Duan: Buddha sitting on the roof.

Picture by John

Picture by John

Wat That La Nong:

Picture by onbangladesh

Picture rick forgo

Promenade along Mekong River: Lazy walks or cycle rides for 3 to 4 kilometers on a quiet road.

Tha Sadet Market (ตลาดท่าเสด็จ): Here you find products from Indochina and Eastern Europe. Open daily from 7 am till 6.30 pm. Local people also can cross the border into Laos here. Foreign visitors have to go through the Thai – Lao Friendship Bridge checkpoint.

Wat Nern Panau: Said to be the leading meditation temple in Nong Khai with spectacular architecture, set in some forest. See picture by Nong Khai Information

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